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  • ☯ WHILE OTHER GUITAR HUMIDIFIERS needs daily refilling due to their small sponges, or worse… they simply start leaking inside your guitar, this humidifier has a super-absorbent Sponge that can last up to 4 days and will take care of your instrument longer than other brands on the market. This means FLAWLESS PLAYABILITY for your instrument, and MORE HEAL-YOUR-HEART MUSIC for you.
  • ☞ AVOID PAYING HUNDREDS OF $$$ on Repairs – HOW? – by fighting the damage done by Dry Air every day – Humidity Indoors is usually way below SAFE levels (45% – 60% is ideal) and AC makes it even WORSE. The easiest way to Optimize your Acoustic and get rid of any Fret Buzz is to use this humidifier!
  • ♫ HOW DEEP IS YOUR TONE? Many players noticed an improvement in the sound of their Oud, Acoustic or Classical Guitar just after 3 days of using a humidifier. They say “you’ll forget about tiny, thinner and nasal tone, nasty sharp fret ends or low buzzing action”. This is a great, inexpensive way to protect your valuable investment.
  • ☞ WET IT AND FORGET IT – tired of having to dig out the humidifier and refill it every 10 minutes because the sponge is too freaking small? the included smart sponge is specifically designed to stay moist for a long time, meaning you won’t have to constantly refill it to keep your instrument safe.
  • ♥ WE BELIEVE we need Great, Authentic Music more than ever, that’s why our mission is to help you fall and stay in love with your instrument, so that you live a Life of STRONG, PURE emotions and INFINITE PASSION. We are REAL PEOPLE (read musicians) who use our own products every day. We expect THE BEST for our guitars and want the same for yours.
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